A Wooly Mammoth & Me

How it all got started

At the age of five my prize-winning woolly mammoth caught the attention of our local paper.

I wasn’t keen on the media attention, but the satisfaction of that well-made woolly mammoth got me hooked on creative projects.

There have been a lot of stitches, glue, sequins and prints applied since then but it all started with that wooly mammoth.

Fantastic plastic

I was in Brazil when I discovered the joy of working with plastic.

A friend was decorating his new restaurant and asked for my help with interior design. He wanted a recycled theme and so my materials were pallets, tin cans, wire, old books and plastic bottles.

I was initially reluctant to try working with plastic but as soon as I got started… I loved it!

I was then lucky enough to spend some time developing my skills with Laila an established plastics artist before coming back to the UK to launch Rehash Panache.

Extraordinary & beautiful things

I’m based in Hebden Bridge, in the heart of the Pennine Hills. I work mainly with plastics, upcycling bottles into dramatic yet comfortable statement jewellery and feature lighting pieces that add grace, flair and fun to a room or garden.

Rehash Panache

Since returning from Brazil I have worked on several commissions, the largest of which was for an Eco Campsite in Portugal.

I have also worked with the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and oither local groups. 


Bee with her wooly mammoth aged 5
The Wooly Mammoth & Me